Garrie Severn



Garrie is a Director of GMCS and has over 30 years of industry experience as a specialist MEP quantity surveyor, notably 15 years spent in the United Arab Emirates and 15 years in the United Kingdom. In addition, he has completed commissions in Hong Kong, Oman, Kuwait, Germany, France and Belgium. He is a commercial and contracts specialist with an extensive range of commercial and contractual management experience in a varied number of sectors.

Garrie’s skillset covers both pre and post contract responsibilities such as measurement of civil, mechanical and electrical services, financial analysis and preparation of cost reports, valuation and agreement of variations, interim valuations, final accounts, cost planning, monitoring and management. He is regularly engaged in providing support for arbitration cases within the UAE both as lead assistant and as support to legal counsel.

Garrie has extensive experience on major international projects, including many years spent on the expansion of Dubai International Airport. Other notable projects include Muscat Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport, Jubilee Line Extension (London), power plants throughout Europe, as well as commencement to completion experience in the construction of key hotels, residential buildings and airport terminals in Dubai.

Sector Experience:

Buildings | Power and Utilities | Oil and Gas | Marine | Transport and Infrastructure | Airports | IT and Security

Professional Qualifications

BSc(Hons) | MRICS

Core Skills & Experience

Delay & Disruption
Expert Advisory