Independent Opinion and Strategy Reports

GMCS consultants specialise in assist clients to make effective contract management decisions on projects with an understanding of risk and commercial drivers for the business.

What We Do

GMCS consultants specialise in assisting clients in making key contract management decisions on projects that balance the need for effective management of risk with an understanding of the business’s commercial drivers.

In order to advise our clients effectively, we provide consultants with extensive experience of both integrating into project-based commercial teams but also of producing clear, concise independent opinion and/or strategy reports that can be considered by management at the C-suite level. GMCS functions as a conduit through which vast quantities of detailed and complex information that project teams have is distilled into easily digestible advice that businesses can rely on to inform their decisions.

In terms of scope of service, GMCS is able to provide, amongst other things:

  • Focused expert opinion on particular issues which have given rise to a specific commercial conflict or dispute.
  • An independent perspective on a particular decision or strategy being employed or considered by the project commercial team.
  • General ‘trouble shooting’ services to ensure that potentially significant commercial issues are identified and brought to the attention of the business at an early stage.
  • Over-arching strategic advice in relation to the management of distressed projects.