Our Story

Right from the outset, we wanted to be different by providing a level of service and value that was unmatched locally. This desire has led to continuous growth and has attracted the best talent.

Who Are We

GMCS was founded in 2012 as Gordon Moffat Consultancy Services, by Gordon Moffat, Colin Smith and Mark Larkin, to specialise in dispute resolution, expert services, and claims management. The company is now led by Gordon and Lee Sporle.

Gordon Moffat, our CEO, hails from Glasgow, Scotland, and has been immersed in the Middle East and Africa since 1984. With expertise in expert, contractual, and commercial services, Gordon has been involved in several prestigious projects both regionally and globally. His contributions over the years to several consultancies in setting up operations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and beyond were especially pivotal in establishing the success of consultancies, such as JK Knowles in the Middle East.

Lee Sporle, who previously worked with Gordon at JR Knowles, has been a key figure in GMCS since its early days. Lee is a construction delay analyst and expert with more than 32 years of experience, 27 of which have been in the Middle East. Lee specialises in resolving disputes and providing valuable strategic advice to our clients. Together they form the Executive Board and oversee business operations, they are supported by a highly experienced management team and a large team of consultants and specialists working across the Middle East.

Today, GMCS have built a reputation for quality, consistency and objectivity in our business dealings. Gordon and Lee have developed a strong team ensuring that GMCS only hire the most capable in the industry resulting in GMCS being one of the region’s leading privately owned dispute resolution consultancies.