Managing Resolution

Our purpose is to help clients navigate the complexities of a dispute in the most effective way to minimise costs but more importantly to provide insight to reduce the risk of similar disputes in the future.

Who Are We

As a leading private claims management and dispute management consultancy in the market, GMCS continues to gain experience from working with a large number of leading businesses and mega-projects, in different locations across the world. As a company, we understand that being the leading consultancy in the industry is not in itself enough for a client to want to work with you.

What differentiates GMCS from other consultancies is our bespoke approach, which is based on managing resolutions for our clients. ‘Managing Resolution’ is the principle and ethos that our company is built on. It is about helping our clients overcome the business challenges faced in a complex digitalised world, which has become increasingly more unpredictable.

We do this by providing clients with the most proficient and effective advice to manage their risk and to mitigate potential commercial loss arising from corporate disputes.

We understand that disputes are not a linear process and we tailor our services, teams, and advice around each client. We pride ourselves in providing the most experienced specialists with the technical know-how to resolve the most complicated and complex claims and disputes.

Clients want a partner that they can trust, but it is difficult to find and match the right person for each dispute. We have a highly experienced team of specialists with the credentials and qualifications within relevant fields, who have the scale and the quality of support team to deliver an effective resolution.

We manage resolution through four key pillars – managing risk, managing client satisfaction, managing cost, and managing complexity.

GMCS Managing Resolution for Global Clients

The value of working this way is that we are able to provide a holistic service for each of our customers, delivering outstanding client experiences.