Arbitration and Litigation Support Services

GMCS has strong and extensive experience in providing arbitration and litigation support services to a wide range of clients and law firms in the Middle East.

What We Do

GMCS has extensive experience of providing both arbitration and litigation support services to a range of clients. At GMCS, we understand that no business wants to get into time-consuming and costly legal proceedings, however, the fact remains that it is sometimes unavoidable if a company is to protect its legitimate interests.

Although we have consultants at GMCS who have been in the industry long enough to remember the days when final and binding dispute resolution was a rarity, since the 2008 financial crisis, we have frequently been called on by our clients to assist them in managing the impact that arbitration or litigation has on their business.

Retaining GMCS in this capacity allows the client to ensure that it is kept up to speed with what is happening in their case, that the client’s legal team handling the arbitration/litigation is provided with the information they need in a timely manner (which can significantly reduce legal costs) while allowing the client and its staff to continue with business as normal rather than having a disproportionate amount of management time focused on one dispute.

The fact that GMCS’s consultants have taken this role on numerous arbitrations and court proceedings means that GMCS has strong and extensive working relationships with leading law firms. In addition to this, GMCS’s consultants have appeared as factual witnesses in arbitrations for clients when called upon to do so, where they have previously had specific knowledge of the project.

Finally, GMCS is familiar with advising and assisting clients who are considering utilising third-party funding. GMCS has excellent professional relationships with the leading providers of such services and can facilitate introductions if required.