Claims and Dispute Management

GMCS handles all quantum and delay claims that may arise on a project.

What We Do

GMCS’s experienced consultants are on hand to prepare and deliver, or to analyse and critique, any and all types of quantum and delay claims that may arise on a project.

Claims and dispute management has come to the forefront in all types of projects, from simple, small-scale projects, to multi-disciplinary mega projects. GMCS has a strong track record of instilling contract management procedures from which detailed and substantiated claims can be presented. This enables our clients to achieve maximum recovery of their entitlements in terms of time and cost. Our experienced consultants can ensure that clients comply with their contractual obligations in asserting their position and presenting these claims comprehensively and professionally. We also provide strategic advice to clients on how best to resolve claims in a time and cost-efficient manner, based on our many years of experience in dealing with such issues.

Even when contract management procedures are followed, there is still a possibility of disputes arising. GMCS offers the service of reviewing and evaluating the causes and effects of events that emerge, preparing the appropriate submissions and presenting a client’s case. We have significant experience in handling claims both up and down the contractual chain, ensuring the most economically advantageous outcome for our clients.

Whether acting for a contractor or an employer, the overall objectives when producing or reviewing a claim is to determine reasonable entitlement for extension of time and/or additional payment in accordance with the terms of the Contract. This is to aid in the facilitation of settlement of each claim without the need for either party to invoke third-party determination or dispute resolution proceedings. Depending on the performance of the parties, an employer may wish to pursue damages under the contract, in whichever form is suitable and based upon the correct analysis of the issues on a project.