Commercial Management

GMCS offers a wide range of commercial management support and advice for clients to ensure the progress of projects in a timely, efficient, and profitable manner.

What We Do

GMCS understands that contractors and employers have very different needs in relation to their commercial management support requirements on any particular project. Accordingly, GMCS offers a range of commercial management options from full-time site-based support to ad-hoc advice on singular issues based on a client’s specific business needs.

At GMCS we believe prevention is the best solution, consequently, we are pleased to offer a wide range of services to assist our clients in ensuring their project risk is minimised from the outset. We offer services relating to tendering for contracts, including dealing with the compilation of tender submissions, letters of intent and acceptance, the negotiation of key contractual terms, minimising the parties’ risks, and the planning of the works. Furthermore, during the progress of works, we can support the establishment and management of subcontracts, negotiating with third-parties and advising on procurement and the supply chain. Our consultants can provide technical and commercial support to clients and their lawyers, utilising GMCS extensive experience to ensure that the client commences or concludes a project in as strong a position as possible.

The ability to effectively manage the commercial aspects of a project can be the driving factor behind a company’s profitability. To aid our clients in achieving this, GMCS provides invaluable support and advice to ensure the progress of their projects in a timely, efficient and profitable manner.