We have a wealth of experience in a wide range of commercial, residential, and retail projects including high-rise developments, mall, hotels, and theme parks

What We Do

Having its head office been based in the UAE during the construction boom of the last two decades, GMCS and its employees have worked on some of the most iconic and challenging projects to have been undertaken in global history.
The extraordinary pace of progress and the ambitious nature of the projects that have been constructed over recent years has provided us with a wealth of experience in dealing with the unique challenges that arise from delivering highly innovative and cutting-edge buildings within tight timescales and against carefully monitored budgets. This has proved to be fertile ground for disputes and claims. We have assisted both employers and contractors in resolving these highly complex and technical issues, either by way of party to party negotiation or by way of external forms of dispute resolution. We also assist engineering and contract administrators.
GMCS’s breadth of experience in the buildings sector is wide-ranging. We have worked on globally renowned high-rise building projects, some of the region’s best-known malls and tourist attractions as well as large scale residential and commercial development projects.
During this period of time GMCS has distinguished itself in the market by offering a level of service equal to or better than that provided by the leading international consultancies at a price point that reflects GMCS’s understanding of the need to offer value-led and proportionate fee proposals. This pricing ethos has evolved in response to GMCS’s experience in the region, in particular in relation to serving a market that has historically been the victim of opportunistic pricing from international companies seeking to cash in on the construction boom.
This competitive pricing model is delivered not by cutting corners in relation to client care but by leveraging GMCS’s considerable experience and thought-leadership of dealing with the unique issues faced in the construction industry.
This approach has led to steady and sustainable growth of our business with the majority of our work being generated from our extensive existing client base and the repeated commissions, which are generated from having delivered workable solutions to business-critical problems for our clients time and time again.