Our experts are specialist in working across a diverse range of marine projects globally.

What We Do

The marine sector has grown considerably in recent times, with the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Africa being at the forefront of a majority of its expansion, in areas such as ports, transport container hubs, dredging, and reclamation. GMCS has provided commercial and planning services to both employers and EPC contractors during the construction of many marine projects.

Marine projects present unique difficulties and require adept skills to overcome these challenges. These projects can face difficulties that go beyond traditional civil engineering. GMCS provides a full range of services and has varied experience in the marine construction industry including dredging and land reclamation, wharves, quays and jetties, breakwaters and shoreline protection, and coastal engineering.

We have considerable expertise in marine renewable projects with developments using the latest innovation and technology in the sector. This has led to working on renewable projects in remote and sometimes very difficult locations.