Oil and Gas

We have extensive regional experience in the Oil and Gas industry working across upstream and downstream sectors, as well as off-shore and on-shore projects.

What We Do

Oil and gas is intrinsically associated with the Middle East region. It has been the source of much of its sovereign wealth and has funded the transformation of regional hubs such as the United Arab Emirates. Notwithstanding the impetus to move away from non-renewable sources of energy, the oil and gas industry is likely to continue to require development in the near future. We have over 40 years of experience in providing support in this regard.
GMCS is familiar with the nuances of large-scale oil and gas projects, which have the capacity to give rise to uniquely complex technical disputes, which must be resolved within a framework that also takes into account the political and economic importance of such projects.
GMCS specialises in assisting employers, contractors, and the rest of the supply chain in delivering oil and gas projects profitably across a range of jurisdictions. The size and scale of these projects require a disciplined approach to document management and data analysis. GMCS employees have honed these skills and have the experience necessary to ensure that claims and disputes are fully understood, properly investigated, correctly managed, and resolved in a manner that reflects the parties’ contractual entitlements.
GMCS’s reputation for oil and gas-related work is such that it has been invited to work on projects outside the immediate region as the bespoke skillset it has developed is internationally transferrable to other oil and gas markets.
No matter where in the world the project is GMCS’s well-integrated team has the capability to service the client’s needs both remotely and, as and when required, with an on-site presence.