Power and Utilities

We advise contractors, project management companies, and government-related entities across a multitude of power and utility projects.

What We Do

Across the world, the power generation sector is in the process of undergoing significant transformation, with large scale changes being seen moving from conventional methods utilising fossil fuels to “greener” renewable methods. The expansion of a diverse range of power generation schemes has resulted in the construction of projects of huge complexity, of which we have had direct experience.

The power and utilities sector is diverse and there is a huge range of projects currently in process. GMCS’s varied experience in the power generation industry includes conventional generation, alternative generation technologies, nuclear, and the use of renewable energy sources. We also have significant proven experience with both high voltage overhead and underground transmission systems.

There is a growing emergence of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) across energy and infrastructure projects. Our experience of PPP projects involves private sector parties responsible for construction, operation and maintenance for a fixed period, e.g. 25 years. This takes the form of specialist private sector companies partnering with quasi-governmental entities. GMCS provides bespoke services tailored to delivering these mega-projects to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

GMCS also offers significant experience in other utility sectors and their systems, such as domestic-use gas pipelines, water supply and desalinisation systems, sewage transportation and treatment systems, and internet provision.